Arcadia Earth Pro Amphibi Gold


‘- Natural ingredients
– Easy to store, easy to feed
– Chemical free
– Contains essential vitamins and minerals

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Arcadia Earth Pro Amphibi Gold is a pelleted diet for amphibians.

The pellets can be fed on land or in water which helps to stimulate natural feeding behaviours.Especially good for feeding Axolotls, Clawed frogs, Newts and Salamanders.

Available in resealable pouches:80g and 300g.

Directions for use:All pellets fed should be consumed in one day, either put pellets into the water or sprinkle on land.

Ingredients Salmon Fish Meal, Insect Meal (Krill, Bloodworm, Earthworm, Daphnia, Brine Shrimp, Snail)Soya, Spirulina, Calcium, Brewer‚ Yeast, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Paprika, Pro-Biotic


80g, 300g, 1.8kg