Arcadia Earth Pro Custodian Fuel


Quick Overview

– Natural and plant based ingredients- Includes vitamins, minerals as well as known superfoods for inverts- 80g sealable, lay flat, stand up and hang up pouch- Uses ground breaking science to formulate a balanced and potent custodian food- Contains Calcium and spirulina to maximise nutrition

EarthPro-CustodianFuel is an easy to use, potent food for springtails and other custodians including isopods and roaches. It has also been pelleted for ease of use. By accurately feeding our custodians we encourage them to multiply and to become a source of positive nutrition themselves.

In bioactive systems, custodians are used to clean up the waste from the enclosure. Of course we as keepers still need to spot check regularly for faeces and uneaten food and the frequency of this will depend on the species and the size of the enclosure, but custodians help to break down any organic matter.

Of course your clean-up-crew can survive on this as a food source alone, but in order to make sure that they thrive and do their job better, it is important to feed them.