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Dubia Roaches 25-30mm 6 Pack



If you haven’t tried dubia roaches yet then we suggest you give them try!

Dubia roaches are widely accepted by reptiles and amphibians, They are easy to digest and offer a nutrious meal for your reptiles. They are popular because they are easy to keep, feed and breed. If you’re wanting a livefood that is cost effective then dubias are the perfect candidate.

They are used by zoos, Rescue Centre’s, Breeders and nearly everyone else. There is great reason why so many people use them as feeder insects. If you havent tried dubia roaches yet then we recommend you give them a try!

Young Nymphs are perfect for hatchlins where as the larger nymphs and adults are great for larger species of reptile. They have also been a firm favorite of primates. We have had many primate keepers buy dubia roaches for thier primates because they just love them!

Dubia Roaches are approximately 25-30mm long and are available in a pack of 6

They are a great food source for your reptiles, They’re high in protein and low in fat, They can’t climb smooth surfaces and they don’t make any noise.

The Blaptica Dubia is a species native to central and south america.

Dubia roaches are extremely easy to keep, long lived and silent which makes the one of the best feeder insects to get, Plus they’re great for your pets!

A lot of reptile breeders use dubias as they’re good for your animals and affordable, Breeding them is also easy meaning people can set up their own colony to cut down on food costs.

If you can get over your cockroach fear then these are the livefood to choose!

currently available in one size only. 


If you’re looking for something to keep your dubia roaches in then we recommend this