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HabiStat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit (Black)



HabiStat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit is a complete kit containing everything you need to house your new pet, simply add the snake!

Contents included are:
– Monkfield Black Terrainium 61 x 38 x 20cm (24 x 15 x 8″)
– HabiStat Snake Bedding, 5L
– HabiStat Heat Mat, 28 x 28cm (11 x 11″), 12 Watt
– HabiStat Mat Stat, 300 Watt
– HabiStat Plastic Hide
– HabiStat Round Water Bowl
– HabiStat Thermometer
– HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner, Standard, RTU Spray, 250ml
– Plastic Feeding Tongs (green/blue)
– HabiStat Coconut Cave
– HabiStat Sphagnum Moss

Please note instructions are enclosed within the kit.