Mealworms 500 Gram bag


Quick Overview

– Beetle larvae bred for the reptile, fish and bird market
– High in protein and fat
– Ideal for smaller to medium sized reptiles as well as wild birds
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Live Mealworms are a great staple for many reptiles including Leopard Geckos!

Mealworms are vegetarians and the larvae of Tenebrio Molitar Beetle, They’re a great source of food as they won’t pass on any potentially deadly diseases.

Live Mealworms are also popular with aviary birds & Garden Birds!


Our 500g Bags of mealworms are sent in woven bags to help prevent them overheating while with the courier.

If you’re looking for a smaller amount of mealworms then why don’t you check out our prepacks? Click Here

Mealworms are Approx 15-25mm in length.

How to store your mealworms?

If you’re feeding them off fairly quickly then you can just feed them and leave them at room temp. If you’re wanting them to last abit longer then Gutload the mealworms & leave for 24 hours. After that you can place them in the fridge which will slow down the growth of the mealworms which will make them last longer.



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Mini Mealworms 15-18mm, Mealworms 18-26mm


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