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Locust Pre-pack



  • Slow Moving
  • Accepted by most reptiles

Live Locust are one of the most common Livefood for reptiles.
Many prefer them over crickets because they’re much slower (Easier to catch!)

Locust are easy for all sizes of lizards to catch and eat, But also favoured by Spiders, Praying Mantis, Centipedes, Mammals and Birds!

They are also have one of the highest nutritional values, as they’re fed on High Fibre diets.

Live Locusts can reach a size of 7cm, So come in a range of sizes to suit reptiles of all sizes. The bright yellow body of the locust also grabs reptiles attention.

Reptiles should always have a varied diet so make sure you’re not always feeding one species of livefood. Variety is good to make sure your animals nutritional needs are being met and provides some enrichment for them!