Silent Crickets Bulk Bag of 500


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– Larger species of brown cricket
– Quietest cricket of all, albeit not silent!
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Silent Crickets are the larger species of brown cricket, and whilst not completely silent, they are the quietest species of cricket commercially available.

Silent crickets are available in the following sizes: Standard (18-25mm) and Large (25-30mm).

Care Instructions:
As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in bran, ensure the crickets are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 60-65F (15-18C) and away from bright light. To encourage the maximum shelf-life, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add a slice of potato to provide moisture. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.


Standard 18-25mm, large 25-30mm


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