Morio Worms

Morio worm is the larvae of a species of darkling beetle, Also known as super worms, King worm and Zophobas. They are common in the reptile pet industry, and not to be confused with the giant mealworms, which are Tenebrio Molitor larvae sprayed with juvenile hormones.

Here at the livefood hub we offer two different pack sizes of morio worms:

Prepack|500g bag

if you use a lot then the 500g bag is the best value!

Morio worms are a great feeder, They last a long time and don’t pupate into beetles unless separated.

They are accepted by most reptiles including but limited to Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Turtles, Birds and Fish!
In some cases they are preferred over mealworms due to their softer exoskeleton, Making them easier to digest.

Always supplement livefood with calcium powder!

If you’ve bought a 500g bag then you will need to pour the bag into a container, This is so they don’t chew their way out of the bag. Nobody wants them escaping!


They come packed with bran, But they will need a source of water.
You can use vegetable scraps for this or bug balls.

If you’re looking for something smaller then our mealworms are a great option, Another species of darkling beetle just smaller!

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